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Curtis Institute- Lenfest Hall


Curtis Institute- Lenfest Hall

The lighting design for this new +100,000sf educational facility included classrooms, dorm room suites, practice rooms, dining areas, roof terrace and a grand rehearsal/performance space sized for the complete orchestra. Integration with the historic facade and specific acoustic criteria were additional challenges. The project was LEED certified Gold. Chroma team members completed full lighting design and budgeting.

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Project Location

Philadelphia, PA

Project Architect

VSBA Architects


Completed in 2011 , 105,000 sf   $48,500,000

Fun Fact

The building design has elaborated acoustical solutions with double glazing. The rehearsal hall needed a special dimming system to avoid a hum from the high-output incandescent lamp filaments.

Project was principally designed by Chroma designers while at GWA Lighting

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