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Specified Budgeted Delivered

As lighting designers for 20+ years we’ve experienced projects where our designs had been "value engineered," substituted and packaged. These sales-side changes by others gave our clients a compromised design and less value for their investment. We knew that there had to be a better way. So we built it…our own client focused, results based procurement source to work hand and hand with our designers.


The Chroma Way

You should get what you expect. That is a pretty simple assertion. But very often the current lighting design and procurement model, and the cast of players work to modify, substitute and re work costs for lighting fixtures. As a result, the current model delivers an altered and often cobbled together lighting “package”. The owner or architect does not get what the expect, rather they get what is best for other parties. The Chroma Way is simple…You get what you expect.

Brand and Agency Agnostic

In order to deliver the right product we ascribe to the principle of being brand and agency agnostic. No favorites. No special deals. We design and specify the absolute right fixture for the application and the budget. We don’t relinquish design decisions to anyone else. So, our clients get the right fixture for the project. Period. Full stop.


A Particular Set of Skills

We have a very particular set of skills, skills which we have acquired from years designing, budgeting and project managing lighting projects. We are ever mindful to the aesthetic and final design…while at the same time keeping a sharp eye on complying to the projects budget. Our particular skill set provides the design as specified within the budget as specified in a straightforward and transparent manner.

Under our Watchful Eye

We track the specified lighting fixtures from the moment that they are specified until the project is completed. Whether the project is a short drive from our dedicated project lighting fixture warehouse or 1/2 across the country our custom designed software, custom tools, and our personal commitment ensure that the final design is delivered as specified.


The Chroma Difference

We understand how important lighting is to the success of a project. The wrong lighting “package” can derail a design and throw a wrench in the budget. The traditional bid approach has become a gamble on costs and results as sales teams muscle each other to “win” your project. Our direct approach saves costs and produces better results.

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