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Artistry Technology Value

Chroma lighting designers possess a unique combination of artistry and technical expertise. With light as our palette, we pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve their design vision with appropriate products and thoughtful design, all while being mindful of costs.


The Chroma Way

Light travels with incredible speed and in a straight and direct path. Light does not take round about detours. It travels straight and true. That’s The Chroma Way. The lighting industry’s current design and bid model is flawed with unexpected costs, delays, design compromises and sales partners who have little interest in final results. We have built a new way from the ground up with our own custom tools, approach and skills.

Our Menu

Our scope of services span the full spectrum of Lighting design. From initial concept sketches, renderings and photometric simulations all the way to full Lighting design specifications, procurement, aiming and commissioning of control systems. Regardless of the service or services that we provide, attention to detail and commitment to a beautiful project is included in everything we provide.


No Substitute for Talent

Our Design Team has years of experience working on a diverse assortment of projects from corporate to themed hospitality and everything in between. Our team has been trained and now shares what they know by teaching lighting curriculum at the university level. The team has worked in collaboration with the full complement of stakeholders on a project including electrical contractors, general contractors, architects, owners and developers. We work well with others and bring our expertise to the process. We’re very good at what we do and people like working with us.

The Bottom Line of Design

We are lighting value experts. We believe cost management is an integral part of the design process. We provide product estimates at milestone document issues on every project. At final design documentation our procurement services team can provide a complete wholesale quote to deliver the specified design precisely as designed and coordinated. No substitutions, no hassle, direct item costs.


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