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Working With Others

Designing and building world class projects takes teamwork. We are lighting experts in design, budgets, and procurement who enjoy getting into the details with the other key designers, contractors and suppliers on a project. We're great team players.


Lighting has a critical impact on project success especially when considering user satisfaction and perceived value. Having a professional lighting design studio on the team is important, having one with wholesale access to pricing is next level. Chroma adds tremendous value in expertise, cost savings and onsite coordination no one else can match.


The pace of lighting technology and fixture design is evolving faster each year with integrated smart fixtures, wireless control systems and better LED sources. The Chroma design team can help deliver your projects into the future with hands-on expertise at all aspects of design and coordination. Whether your project requires detailed renderings, energy analysis, photometric studies or simple plans and specs we have created a better way to deliver lighting design.


Having a partner that can respond to your unique needs is essential for your property and unique project goals. With the Chroma team you can rely on us to deliver lighting design guidance, wholesale pricing and onsite help at a pace no one else can match. In-house coordination means changes and updates can happen fast between design approvals, cost updates and fixture releases all within the same team.

General Contractors

Chroma can facilitate project success better than any other resource. We understand what happens when a lighting design runs into a big budget discrepancy with no one on the team to make reasonable adjustments. You need a team member that can directly coordinate on design considerations and budgets in a way no one else can. We work as openly as possible with direct costs and a collaborative approach.

National Accounts

Our unique collaborative approach allows us to be your one source for design, lighting standards, replacement stock and location improvements. As a direct source, we negotiate bulk arrangements with vendors on your behalf to lock-in pricing and stock for your projects. We are your guide to impactful, brand appropriate lighting all while staying within budget.

Electrical Contractors

You deserve more than a supplier that just sells part numbers and components. As lighting continues to get more complicated, you need a partner that understands dynamic systems, controls integration and compatibility across a project. Chroma works in a straightforward way with no pricing games or mystery packages.

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