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Our mission is to drive better results for our clients with an integrated, practical, honest, design focused solution. Our proven approach costs less while providing better results.

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Our goal is to be an innovative lighting design firm with a practical approach to insuring our clients have access to the right products for their projects. Lighting selections should be primarily driven by support of a theme, reinforcement of a vision or how light can evoke emotion. We strive to create trusted relationships with open access to costs and a trustworthy dependable staff that always has the projects end result in focus.


After 20 years in professional lighting design, Chroma Lighting Group was formed by Troy Hornung as a solution to the growing issue of projects getting derailed by purchasing and budget issues. After market research and attempts at collaborative arrangements with existing sales channels Troy determined creating a new path was the only way forward. Chroma has built out our capacity and solutions from the ground up with our own distribution warehouse and in-house custom sales and design software.

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Team & Structure

Our group is organized into 2 collaborative teams that work together to achieve the best results for our clients. While Chroma Lighting Group is our collaborative brand, all business is completed through either Chroma Lighting Design, LLC as a consultant or Lighting Procurement Solutions, LLC as a wholesale distributor. Team oversight is by principal, Troy Hornung with the Design Team led by Chelsae Bauknecht and the Procurement Team led by Scott Ciommo.

Key Team Members

Troy Hornung

Chelsae Bauknecht

Scott Ciommo

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